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Kalam Cosmological Argument

Cosmic inflation is the very brief time after the Big Bang when the Universe expanded at tremendous velocities - its existence has recently been proven.

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The Kalam Cosmological Argument is an attempt to demonstrate the existence of God by showing the universe is created and not eternal or self-existent.  The greatest minds throughout history have attempted to characterize the universe. However, these characterizations were primarily philosophical, as there was no way to objectively evaluate the universe’s characteristics until very recently. One main concern of these philosophical meanderings was whether the universe was infinite in size and age.  Ancient Greek philosophers such as Aristotle believed that matter was uncreated and eternal, making the universe eternal. Jewish thought, informed through Scripture, believed all creation had a beginning… Read More »

Biblical People Are Confirmed

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One of the most exciting facets of Biblical history is that the identities of many Biblical people are confirmed by archaeology.  In addition to those confirmed through recent archaeological discoveries are many others whose identities are likely verified, but the evidence is unclear. The importance of these discoveries is challenging to overstate.  For years, many of these critical Biblical narratives were thought only to be mythological inventions.  Liberal theologians supposed that Jewish scribes returning from Babylonian captivity wanted to portray their history positively for future generations. Moreover, these scribes did not want the Jewish people to be associated with years… Read More »