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The Moral Argument

The moral arguments asserts there is objective morality;; everything is not subjective.

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The moral argument is one of the classic arguments for the existence of God, and in my opinion, is one of the most powerful.  While many people may not be impressed with the statistics of the teleological argument or the concepts behind the cosmological argument, the moral argument touches all of us personally. The Moral Argument The moral argument is centered around the existence of objective moral obligations.  Objective morality might be thought of as the working morals of a society that guide normative behavior. For example, most societies and individuals would agree that torturing puppies or innocent babies for… Read More »

Homeschooling Achievement Scores

Homeschooling and Achievement Scores

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Homeschooling achievement scores on standardized tests consistently show that homeschooled students score competitively with public schools.  Many studies even show that homeschooled students score better than students from public schools. Homeschooled Students and Their Achievement Scores Homeschooled students score about 72 points higher than the national average on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and at the 77th percentile of the American College Test (ACT). Homeschooling advocates will often point to these results to demonstrate how homeschooling works and that students perform better than in public schools. Critics will say that these higher scores are due to compounding factors that give… Read More »

Evolution of New Enzymes

The evolution of new enzymes by bacteria is discussed.

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The evolution of new enzymes for the digestion of nylon and plastics has been used to support Darwinian evolution.  But is this the case, or do these new enzymes illustrate the limits of evolution? The Emergence of Nylon Nylon was first developed in the 1930s and used commercially in a nylon-bristled toothbrush in 1938.  The greatest use of nylon was in women’s stockings. This use was illustrated at the 1939 New York World’s Fair and sold commercially soon afterward.  Nylon stockings became an instant commercial success, with 64 million pairs sold the first year they became available.  Wartime use diverted… Read More »

Christian Schools

Homeschooling and Achievement Scores

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Many Christians and those with traditional values urgently try to get their children out of public (government) schools.  Public schools in many states have become a laboratory of social change, promulgating an anti-Christian belief system, promoting pornographic books to middle schoolers, and having drag queen performances to middle school students that would shock any adult. Public school boards in many states have become increasingly belligerent against parents, even hiding aspects of children’s healthcare from their parents.  Objecting parents have been labeled “terrorists” by some law enforcement agencies.  Public schools’ assumption of parental rights has resulted in backlash from parental groups. … Read More »

Teleological Argument

The Keck telescopes in Hawaii are some of the largest telescope in the world with 10 meter mirrors. They have helped in the observation of very distant objects in Universe.

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“Teleology” refers to explanations that offer design and purpose.  The teleological argument claims that certain aspects of the natural world are best explained as resulting from a designer.  The argument often goes even further to suggest that certain aspects of the natural world could not have come about without outside intervention or a designer. This argument only proposes “a designer” and does not presuppose anything else about the characteristics of the designer.  Several concepts are contained within the teleologic argument, including irreducible complexity, intelligent design, and finely-tuning physical constants.  The teleological argument suggests that choices by a Creator made to… Read More »