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If Jesus had never lived, the world would be a very different place.

Christian Origin of Universities

The modern university system originated with Christianity.

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The Christian Origin of Universities The Christian origin of universities has recently been recognized as one of the greatest contributions of Christianity to the larger society. The ancient Greco-Roman world certainly had its philosophers, poets, and great thinkers and orators.  All these great thinkers were involved in higher education as they wrote extensively regarding their area of interest.  Some historians have even suggested these thinkers developed the first “universities.”  The renowned Harvard history professor Charles Haskins was primarily interested in academic medieval history.  He is widely recognized as the first academic medieval historian in America.  He was primarily interested in… Read More »

Christianity and Education

Children in conservative Protestant familiar have increased academic achievement compared to their secular counterparts in government schools.

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Christianity and education have been closely allied since the very beginning.  Christians understand that the world is knowable, that there is math behind much of the complicated machinery of the universe.  Furthermore, Christians believe we are meant to discover and explore our environment and figure out how to make the world a better place. Because of the recognition that the world is knowable, Christians have been at the forefront of science and education since its founding.  The modern school system with mandatory attendance, graded structure, and university system are all innovations that changed the world.  These innovations are largely responsible… Read More »