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Intelligent design is the concept that many aspects of the natural world bear an unmistakable imprint of being designed.  The complexity of a design that also contains information has always been a good indicator of being made by intelligence.  This is particularly true concerning codes such as the DNA code.

Molecular Biology Confirms Intelligent Design

Molecular biology confirms intelligent design. Increasing complexity of life strongly suggests an intelligence.

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The increasing complexity of life discovered by molecular biology confirms intelligent design theory. Molecular biology came of age in the 1990s with the development of new investigation tools. These tools for the first time in human history allowed the investigation of the inner workings of cells.  Advances in molecular biology confirm intelligent design theories rather than natural origins. It has been the hope of research scientists and their funding agencies that these new tools will enable new advances. The informed treatment of cancer and other genetic diseases becomes possible. The past thirty years has seen an explosion of knowledge about… Read More »

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design uses the scientific method and specific algorithms to determine whether complexity and information allow the inference of intelligent origins.

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Intelligent design or ID has been in the news recently where it is usually criticized for various reasons. Intelligent design can be described as studying patterns in nature that are best described as created by intelligence. For example, are the words in a book more likely created by intelligence or by accident. Another example would be whether Mount Rushmore is the result of natural wind and erosion or intelligence. The answers to these questions seem easy – and it is. We all know intuitively that complicated structures that contain information are more likely created by intelligence. We also understand that… Read More »