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Abortions represent one of the most divisive social topics in our culture. The only aspect both sides can agree upon is that an abortion (nearly) always kills the unborn child.

Fetal Ultrasounds and Abortion

Fetal ultrasound can determine the size, age, sex, and other characteristics of the pre-born baby.

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There is a relationship between improving fetal ultrasounds and abortion rates.  Three-dimensional fetal ultrasound is particularly useful in demonstrating the facial and body characteristics of an unborn child.  The earlier two-dimensional technology gave much less facial detail making the image look less human. In short, improving ultrasound makes the “lump of tissue” within the pregnant woman’s uterus appear to be just what it is – an unborn baby.  This helps to make the mother more informed about her pregnancy before choosing abortion. Planned Parenthood, Fetal Ultrasounds and Abortion The Washington Examiner recently had an article concerning the use of ultrasounds… Read More »