Country: India

India’s persecution of Christians has sharply increased since the 2014 election of Modi as Prime Minister.  Hindu nationalists view Christianity as a foreign religion that does not belong in a Hindu India.  They kill, torture, and rape innocent Christians to keep them from practicing their religion.  India’s persecution is particularly severe in Northern India in the Kashmir region.  There, the local government has more autonomy and has increased persecution.

Christians in India

Taj Mahal is a landmark in India. Christian persecution is India has increased markedly over the past few years since the 2014 election of Modi.

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Christians in India are the victims of increased persecution in India recently. There are approximately 65 million Christians in India now facing heavy persecution in the nation of 1.4 billion. The persecution is increasing from extreme rightwing Hindu nationalism. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) actually encourages the persecution of Christians in India according to reports from those involved. The persecution is very severe in northern India in Jammu and Kashmir as the BJP-led government has revoked protection. The 1949 law allowed Jammu and Kashmir to form its own constitution and legal structure. Persecution of Christians in India’s Northern States Persecution… Read More »