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Christian Origin of Universities

The modern university system originated with Christianity.

Posted on May 31, 2021 by

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The Christian Origin of Universities The Christian origin of universities has recently been recognized as one of the greatest contributions of Christianity to the larger society. The ancient Greco-Roman world certainly had its philosophers, poets, and great thinkers and orators.  All these great thinkers were involved in higher education as they wrote extensively regarding their area of interest.  Some historians have even suggested these thinkers developed the first “universities.”  The renowned Harvard history professor Charles Haskins was primarily interested in academic medieval history.  He is widely recognized as the first academic medieval historian in America.  He was primarily interested in… Read More »

Prayer in Public Schools

Prayer in public schools is a hot topic outlawed by Supreme Court.

Posted on August 14, 2020 by

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Teacher-led prayer in public schools has been forbidden by the Supreme Court for many decades.  Many Christians feel that the exclusion of God from public schools along with the promotion of secular ideologies has contributed to the failure of graduates to do better in life.  Certainly, this is a difficult topic in multicultural American schools and uneasy accommodation has been determined through multiple legal challenges in federal courts. To be clear, students and teachers still have the right to “voluntarily pray” in public schools, while “mandatory” teacher-led school-sponsored prayer is very limited.  Any mention of God by teachers or administration… Read More »


School children who attend church on a weekly basis have a much better work ethic and graduation rates than those who do not.

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The question as to who has custody of children has become a central issue in the homeschooling controversy recently opened by a Harvard Law professor, Elizabeth Bartholet.  She is the faculty director of the Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program who recently wrote an article which proposes a ban on homeschooling. This ban is predicated upon the belief that government knows best what is right for your child with the implication that parents do not.  The article alleges that some parents choose homeschooling with the express purpose of abusing their children and do this by providing religious instruction. The author… Read More »