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Theism and the Meaning of Life

The Holocaust is in the Bible codes, along with names of many Germans involved in the mass slaughter of Jews.

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The Meaning of Life Determining the meaning of life is the most important challenge for every person alive.  Everybody has a deep sense that their life must have some purpose, meaning, and belonging.  The early Greek philosophers felt people were “telic” creatures.  The word “telic” derives from the Greek word “telos” or purpose.  Everybody has a person in life, no matter whether they are poor or rich, famous or forgotten; everybody has a reason for their existence. Everybody wants to live for something; we all have a yearning for meaningfulness.  People know that when they reach the end of their… Read More »

The Book of Job

Bad things happen to good people even in God's good world. The Book of Job is wisdom literature that tries to answer why that is so.

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The Book of Job is considered the oldest book in the Bible and helps answer one of the biggest questions confronting modern-day Christians. Modern society tends of think of a cause and effect principle; that is, if you get an infection, you can be treated with antibiotics; if you jump off a cliff, you will likely die; if you do something wrong you will likely be punished.  This cause and effect principle is ingrained in a modern society wishing the world to be orderly, predictable, and government by science. But the world is not that way!  Sometimes good people suffer… Read More »

Suffering and Evil

A Christian understanding of the purpose of suffering and evil is to draw people closer to God.

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The existence of great suffering and evil on earth has been difficult for many people to understand in a universe made by a loving God. Many cosmologists including Einstein, Hoyle, and Davies have questioned the existence of God due to the great suffering that is present everywhere on earth. Natural calamities such as  earthquakes, fires, floods, and climate change can cause one form of suffering that is independent of the activities of mankind or animals. Man-made disasters such as war, pollution or destruction of natural habitats can produce another form of suffering.  Animals can produce suffering of other creatures as… Read More »