Christians Do Better In Life
Than Their Secular Neighbors
Are Healthier Have Higher Job Satisfaction Have Less Depression and Anxiety Live Longer Give More to Secular Charities Volunteer More Do Better in School Graduate More Have Lower Suicide Rates

Christians Contribute More to Society

Than Their Secular Neighbors

Christians Give More to Secular Charities, Feed the Poor, Support the Arts, and Volunteer More

Christians Commit Much Less Crime, In Prison Less, Graduate More from High School, and Contribute More to Society than their Secular Neighbors

Christians are Happier, Healthier, More Educated & Life Longer

Christians Do Better In Life

reasons to believe

Modern physics provides confirmation of the Biblical narrative concerning creation of universe and of life.


Advances in physics have affirmed the Christian narrative concerning the creation of the Universe; the extraordinary fine-tuning of physical constants is not explainable otherwise.

Physics and Scripture
Modern archaeology provides confirmation of the Biblical narrative including Old Testament prophets


Archaeology shows Jewish presence in ancient Israel confirmed by artifacts belonging to Isaiah, King David, Jezebel, Hezekiah, Pontius Pilate among others.

Biblical Archaeology
The coded information found in every cell strongly supports creation by an intelligent Creator.


The gigabytes of information contained within the DNA molecule could not have happened by chance. The more life processes are studied, the more unlikely unguided abiogenesis becomes.

Biological Information
Earth is an highly unusual planet whose existence supports the existence of an intelligent Creator.

Privileged Planet

Einstein noted "the laws of nature manifest the existence of a Spirit vastly superior to that of men, and one in the fac of which we with our modest powers must feel humble."

Laws of Nature

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Historicity of Biblical People – Judah Kings Part Two

by : Categories: Archaeology, Biblical History, Biblical Names

Date: July 24, 2023

Our prior post noted the historicity of Biblical people, such as Hezekiah.  One of the most famous kings of Juday from the Old Testament is King Josiah. History of King Josiah There are no archaeological records that directly mention King Josiah.  However, a seal bearing the name of Nathan-Melech has been found at an archaeological site in Jerusalem.  He is known from Scripture (2 Kings 23:11) to be an administrative official to Josiah. Most scholars believe in the historicity of King Josiah.  They attribute the absence of documents or artifacts mentioning him to a few documents surviving from this period. … Read More »

Historicity of Biblical People – Judah Kings Part One

Sargon II

by : Categories: Biblical History Tags: ,

Date: July 3, 2023

The historicity of Biblical people has been confirmed by archaeological research over the past few decades.  These people are listed in the Biblical Archaeology Society online archives and provide some confirmation of Biblical historicity in general. Some confirmed biblical people through multiple archaeological findings, while others are part of a larger historical narrative (such as Egyptian pharaohs and secular historical knowledge). Hebrew Kings King David Many liberal historians have doubted the existence of the Hebrew kings, preferring to reference them as mythological.  The general explanation suggests that after the Israelis were held captive in Babylon for many years, some returned… Read More »

Literary Evidence About Jesus

The moral arguments asserts there is objective morality;; everything is not subjective.

by : Categories: Biblical History, Historical Evidence Tags:

Date: February 19, 2023

There is considerable literary evidence about Jesus than any other person or historical event.  There are written materials about the life of Christ, but they are supportive and antagonistic.  This literary evidence can be roughly broken down into three categories: Christians who liked Jesus Non-Christians who liked Jesus Non-Christians who disliked Jesus The modern critics of Christ and his message largely evaluate those non-Christians of the first few centuries after Christ while ignoring the evidence of those supporting his mission.  We will try to critically present the evidence in all three categories to determine their factual nature. Christians Who Liked… Read More »

Apostle Peter and First New Testament

Bible with Hands

by : Categories: Biblical History, Biblical Names, Historical Evidence Tags:

Date: January 28, 2023

The students of the Apostle Peter confirmed the accuracy of the first New Testament, similar to those of Paul and John. Peter may be the oldest of the original disciples of Christ.  He is also known as Simon Cephas from the Aramaic version of his name.  Peter and his brother Andrew were fishermen and were about their vocation when they first met Jesus.  Peter was a fisherman and likely illiterate with little, if any, formal education and likely illiterate. Mark became very close to Peter, so much so that Peter called him “my son.” (1 Peter 12:12-16).  The early church… Read More »

Apostle Paul and First New Testament

Homeschooling achievement tests tend to be higher than those from public schools.

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Date: January 20, 2023

The Apostle Paul had many students as he spread the Christian message worldwide.  Many of these students are lost to history, but some names are preserved in his writings.  These students and their spiritual descendants become important links in the chain of custody of New Testament writings. In an earlier post, we discussed how the students of the Apostle John carried the Christian message from John to the first written New Testament in 350 AD.  Each student carried the gospel message from their predecessor and then passed it to their students. A similar situation occurred with the Apostle Paul’s students… Read More »

Roman Toleration

by : Categories: Philosophical

Date: November 26, 2022

Roman toleration of religions and practices of its conquered populations was much greater than in previous empires.  Most ancient civilizations… Read More »

Roman Roads

by : Categories: Philosophical

Date: November 24, 2022

Roman roads helped the message of Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire more quickly and efficiently.  Building an integrated road… Read More »