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Geology is the study of rock formation and of tectonic plate formation. These are required for animal life formation.

The Moon

The Moon is very important for advanced life on Earth. It influences the tides, Earth's climate, and Earth's tilt.

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The Moon is one of the most beautiful astronomical objects in the sky. A full moon casts shadows and is the inspiration for many musical pieces (Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven). Without the Moon, the existence of life on Earth would be much more difficult. Animal life might never have developed without the Moon. The Moon has acted to stabilize the Earth and to make it a much more friendly environment for life over the past several billion years. Characteristics of the Moon We take our Moon for granted. It has been in the sky for multiple billions of years but… Read More »

Plate Tectonics

Volcanoes are important in the recycling of carbon dioxide and is associated with plate tectonics.

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Plate tectonics turn out to be extremely important for a planet to have intelligent life. One of the greatest advances in astronomy has been made in the last few years. This discover is the presence of thousands of planets orbiting nearby stars. Naturalists have used this discovery to imply there must be numerous Earth-like life-promoting planets nearby. If Earth-like planets are plentiful, it is likely many of them also have life. Some of this life might include intelligent life right at our backdoor. The idea of nearby intelligent life is promoted by popular science fiction stories such as Star Trek…. Read More »