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Spontaneous Generation

Biologist have known for decades that life cannot come for non-life.

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Spontaneous generation is the belief that life can spring from dead material.  Belief in the spontaneous generation of life has been shared by many civilizations for thousands of years and took centuries to disprove.  It seems to be a common observational event that dead organic material can spontaneously sprout living things, like maggots and bacteria. Aristotle popularized the concept as noted in his fourth century BC work, History of Animals, With animals, some spring from parent animals according to their kind, whilst others grow spontaneously and not from kindred stock; and of these instances of spontaneous generation some come from putrefying… Read More »

The “Lost” Gospels

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Television documentaries about Bible history often are aired during the major Christian holidays, especially during Easter.  These documentaries invariably include a spacial concerning the “lost” gospels.  These books are also known as apocryphal gospels from the Greek meaning “hidden book.” These “hidden” gospels purport to have been written by eyewitnesses to Christ’s ministry such as Peter, Judas, or Thomas – but they tell a story that is very different than the gospels included in Scripture.  These differences are not minor, but so different that they are shocking making them a frequent topic of discussion on outlets such as the History Channel…. Read More »

Age of Old Testament

Recent archaeological discoveries show the ancient Hebrews had high rates of literacy and writing ability.

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The age of the Old Testament has been a point of controversy between those who believe in the literal truth of the Old Testament versus secular scholars who believe it to be a relatively new invention. A study recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests the Hebrew Bible is older than most have previously believed.  The study was performed at the Tel Aviv University in Israel who analyzed multi-spectral images of sixteen ancient Hebrew inscriptions. The letters are written in ink of broken pottery shards (ostraca) using a proprietary software program specially designed for this purpose.  The… Read More »

The Gospel Authors

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The identity of the gospel authors has been a topic of intense scrutiny for many years.  It would seem to be an open question as there is no eye-witness account to verify who wrote these important documents.  Liberal apologists argue they were likely not written by their namesake but instead were gradually authored over years or even decades by well-meaning early Christian scribes. The early “church fathers” provide interesting testimony as to the actual authors of these documents.  Some of them lived within a few short decades of the apostles themselves and some were personally acquainted with an apostle. They… Read More »

Jezebel’s Hometown

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The Biblical Archaeology Society wrote a nice piece concerning Jezebel’s hometown – the infamous Queen who led Israel into idolatry but later was eaten by dogs. Sidon Sidon was an influential ancient Phoenician city along the Mediterranean Sea now located in modern-day Lebanon.  Some of the latest archaeological discoveries concern the polytheistic religion and worship practice of the ancient Sidonians.  This is relevant to Biblical history as Jezebel was from this area. The ancient Sidonians were Canaanites who shared much of their religion and customs with other Canaanites south of them.  The Phoenicians were Canaanites who were not pushed aside… Read More »


School children who attend church on a weekly basis have a much better work ethic and graduation rates than those who do not.

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The question as to who has custody of children has become a central issue in the homeschooling controversy recently opened by a Harvard Law professor, Elizabeth Bartholet.  She is the faculty director of the Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program who recently wrote an article which proposes a ban on homeschooling. This ban is predicated upon the belief that government knows best what is right for your child with the implication that parents do not.  The article alleges that some parents choose homeschooling with the express purpose of abusing their children and do this by providing religious instruction. The author… Read More »

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving helps both the giver and the recipient.

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John D. Rockefeller was one of the richest men who have ever lived. He is reported to have said, “God gave me my money” in 1905.  This quotation has been used to show the callousness and insensitivity of men of great wealth.  It sounds like justification for his hoarding such wealth while others in the country were suffering from want and even starvation. However, this is precisely the opposite of what Rockefeller was trying to say. But this was only the beginning of his quote, God gave me my money.  I believe the power to make money is a gift… Read More »