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Christian Origin of Universities

The modern university system originated with Christianity.

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The Christian Origin of Universities The Christian origin of universities has recently been recognized as one of the greatest contributions of Christianity to the larger society. The ancient Greco-Roman world certainly had its philosophers, poets, and great thinkers and orators.  All these great thinkers were involved in higher education as they wrote extensively regarding their area of interest.  Some historians have even suggested these thinkers developed the first “universities.”  The renowned Harvard history professor Charles Haskins was primarily interested in academic medieval history.  He is widely recognized as the first academic medieval historian in America.  He was primarily interested in… Read More »

Christianity and Education

Children in conservative Protestant familiar have increased academic achievement compared to their secular counterparts in government schools.

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Christianity and education have been closely allied since the very beginning.  Christians understand that the world is knowable, that there is math behind much of the complicated machinery of the universe.  Furthermore, Christians believe we are meant to discover and explore our environment and figure out how to make the world a better place. Because of the recognition that the world is knowable, Christians have been at the forefront of science and education since its founding.  The modern school system with mandatory attendance, graded structure, and university system are all innovations that changed the world.  These innovations are largely responsible… Read More »

Fossil Apes

The theory that humans developed from apes has a difficult fossil record.

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Fossil Apes and Man The prevailing scientific narrative regarding human evolution is that humans originated from the great apes and that this evidence is clear.  The 150 years since Darwin speculated that human originated from the monkeys as seen the number of proposed human ancestors explode in number.  There is little agreement in the scientific community concerning the origins of the human lineage (“hominins”) due to the large number of putative ancestors. The prestigious peer-reviewed journal Science has taken a look at this controversy.  Paleoanthropologists have attempted to reconstruct the physical characteristics of human ancestors, where this ancestor originated, and how… Read More »

Near Death Experience

The intensive care unit is where the sickest people in the hospital are treated.

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Near-Death Experiences Modern medical science has witnessed nearly miraculous advances over the past several decades.  One of the greatest advances has been in Critical Care Medicine – the ability to take care of the sickest people.  These are the ones who might be on life support with artificial ventilators, pacemakers, aortic balloon pumps, and artificial hearts. Many people now survive illnesses that would have taken their lives only a few short decades ago – the amount of time I have been in clinical medicine.  One of the results of these wonderful advances is that some people who were clinically dead… Read More »

Albert Camus

Albert Camus was a very influential French author who converted to Christianity at the end of his life.

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Albert Camus and Religious Belief Albert Camus was a French philosopher who was prominent during the 1950s.  He won the Nobel Price in Literature at the age of 44 in 1957 as one of the youngest ever to achieve this milestone.  Many of these works were required reading in college philosophy courses, including The Stranger, The Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus, The Fall, and The Rebel. The French newspaper Le Monde considered The Stranger as one of the 100 Books of the Century, ranking number one.  There is a reason why this prestigious paper listed a work from Camus as… Read More »

Theism and the Meaning of Life

The Holocaust is in the Bible codes, along with names of many Germans involved in the mass slaughter of Jews.

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The Meaning of Life Determining the meaning of life is the most important challenge for every person alive.  Everybody has a deep sense that their life must have some purpose, meaning, and belonging.  The early Greek philosophers felt people were “telic” creatures.  The word “telic” derives from the Greek word “telos” or purpose.  Everybody has a person in life, no matter whether they are poor or rich, famous or forgotten; everybody has a reason for their existence. Everybody wants to live for something; we all have a yearning for meaningfulness.  People know that when they reach the end of their… Read More »