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Made For Life

The speed of light is now known not to change over space or time.

The universe seems to be made for life; it seems like the universe was made in such a way as to promote the existence of intelligent life.  The question that has plagued cosmologists for decades is how this extraordinary fine-tuning came into existence.  An analogy might help in understanding this problem. Your New Office Suppose you have just landed your first desk job.  It is your ideal position, one you have applied for many years ago but only now secured.  You can’t wait to get to work! You check in to human resources, get the key to your office, and… Read More »

The Laws of Nature

The Laws of Nature are orderly, often in higher mathematics, and beautiful.

The Laws of Nature as defined by Antony Flew represent the great order of the universe.  That there should be such order from a universe that originated from the Big Bang defies explanation and is one of the reasons why the atheist philosopher who fought for most of his life for atheism came to belief in God. Antony Flew was a British philosopher who was a popular atheist philosopher throughout most of the twentieth century.  In that capacity, he taught philosophy at some of the best-known colleges in the United Kingdom including Oxford, Aberdeen, and York University in Toronto. Flew… Read More »

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot

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The pale blue dot image suggests the lack of importance of the Earth in the cosmos.  Secular sources frequently declare the Earth as an ordinary rock surrounding an ordinary Sun, in an ordinary place in the Universe. The late astronomer Carl Sagan was one such source, who claimed that the Earth is insignificant in the cosmic expressing of things – it is just a grain of sand in the immense seashore of the cosmos. Voyager 1, one of the earlier satellites launched into space, took a picture of the Earth in 1990 when it was about four billion miles away…. Read More »