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Fossil Apes

The theory that humans developed from apes has a difficult fossil record.

Posted on May 19, 2021 by

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Fossil Apes and Man The prevailing scientific narrative regarding human evolution is that humans originated from the great apes and that this evidence is clear.  The 150 years since Darwin speculated that human originated from the monkeys as seen the number of proposed human ancestors explode in number.  There is little agreement in the scientific community concerning the origins of the human lineage (“hominins”) due to the large number of putative ancestors. The prestigious peer-reviewed journal Science has taken a look at this controversy.  Paleoanthropologists have attempted to reconstruct the physical characteristics of human ancestors, where this ancestor originated, and how… Read More »

Bible Translations

Bible Image

Posted on November 20, 2019 by

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People investigating the claims of Christianity are frequently confused by the multiple Bible translations in the English language.  The number of these versions can be truly overwhelming!  It would seem logical for something as important as the communication of God with mankind that there would be a definitive translation that gives the exact meaning of the oldest manuscripts. It seems like each generation produces at least one new Bible translations  This becomes important because some of the differences in Bible translations can change the meaning of the underlying text. To better understand how this confusion came about, it is important… Read More »