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Timing of Messiah Appearance

The crucifixion date was derived from an Old Testament prophecy from Daniel that Christ expected the Jews to know.

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There was much anticipation of the timing of Messiah appearance among the Jewish population of Jerusalem in the early part of the first century AD.  This anticipation related to the expected appearance of the Messiah who they hoped would lead a revolt against the hated Roman occupiers of their country. Ancient rabbinical deliberations expressed in the Talmud placed his expected appearance in the early first century which represents a problem to many Jewish faithful.  Some believe the Messiah may have come but because of Jewish unfaithfulness did not declare himself to the nation.  Others suggested in hushed tones that maybe… Read More »

Tabernacle Found at Shiloh

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Evidence for the Tabernacle found in Shiloh in Israel.  The Tabernacle was used as the home of the Ark of the Covenant until the construction of the First Temple by Solomon. For many years, it was the center of worship in Israel and served as the capital until the time of David when Jerusalem was conquered. Archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling believes he might have found the actual last location of the Tabernacle – a remarkable feat if it can be proven true. He has been excavating at a site in ancient Shiloh and has found remnants of the supporting structure… Read More »