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Finding the Truth

To know whether something represents truth, it needs to be read and studied.

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Finding the truth is one of the most important tasks people must perform during their lifetime. Frequently, this quest is accomplished early in life, with the rest of life-based upon that discovery.  These are the fortunate few who have seriously investigated the evidence and arrived at a conclusion upon which they can base their actions. Finding the truth implies there are falsehoods.  Believing in falsehoods will more likely get the believer into trouble than finding the truth.  Falsehoods often lead off into tangents, years spent climbing the ladder of success (however it might be defined) only to find at the… Read More »

Christ – The Only Way to God?

Christian Cross

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Probably no assertion of Christianity is as offensive to more people than the assertion that Christ is the only way to God. It is an integral part of Christianity because it is so clearly stated in Scripture. It is difficult to be a Christian without also believing in the absolute uniqueness of Christianity to bridge the gap between God and man. Such a reality is explicitly detailed in Scripture, so if Christians believe in the truth of Scripture, they also believe in the truth of this exclusivity claim; there is no other way to God. Christ was very clear when… Read More »