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The David and Goliath Story

Christians have a greater chance of success - however that may be defined.

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Categories: Archaeology, Historical Evidence

The David and Goliath story is one of the best-known passages in Scripture.  In this story, a 17-year-old shepherd boy comes to a battlefield where two opposing armies are camped. The Israelites are facing off with the Philistines, and there is a champion from the Philistines shouting at the Jews. The Philistines are suggesting they have a one-off; a fight between two champions to decide the fate of each nation. The fight would be to the death, but only one person would have to die rather than hundreds from each side. It seemed like a good idea – at least… Read More »

Ahab in the Bible

King David's Palace has been found in Old Jerusalem, along with a multitude of confirmatory artifacts including ancient bullae and pottery. These latter items confirm the historicity of Scripture confirming the David dynasty in the tenth century BC.

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Categories: Archaeology, Historical Evidence

Liberal scholarship over the past century placed doubt on whether the ancient Jewish kings such as Ahab in the Bible really existed. Many believe they were just myths perpetuated by Jewish writers centuries later in order to promote a glorious past history. Fortunately for those promoting the accuracy of the Bible, such scholarship is being proven wrong with each passing year. We now have firm archaeological evidence for the existence of King David, Isaiah, Josiah, Jeremiah, among many other Biblical characters. The historicity of the Biblical narrative is being demonstrated every day with new findings from the archaeological field. Not… Read More »