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Cellular Factories

The chemical pathways for the production of DNA, RNA, proteins, and other life molecules is unknown.

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Cellular Factories The cell can be likened to a factory where components required for cellular functions are continually made on-demand, and waste products are simultaneously packaged for disposal.  It is a very tightly controlled factory with very little wasted activity. Enzymes control much of this functionality, with multiple feedback loops controlling whether a particular cellular product is needed. It is very complicated.  It is rather like a fractal painting – the closer you look, the more detail you see – the most complicated everything becomes. This complexity is often not appreciated by the general public – and even by some… Read More »


The Earth seems to have been designed for exploration of the cosmos with its clear atmosphere, position in the solar system and universe, and clear nights.

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Information and Life All life on earth is made from organic molecules. An organic compound is any chemical compound containing carbon-hydrogen bonds.  The propensity for carbon to form chains and complex structures means there are millions of organic molecules possible. Only a minuscule portion of the possible organic molecules possible are used in all life; these are referred to a life organic molecules.  Examples of these would be glucose or simple sugar, and proteins which are chains of other organic molecules called amino acids. Biology textbooks frequently suggest that given enough time under the right condition, the right organic molecules… Read More »

Religious Belief

The Big Bang is the creation event of the universe occurring 13.78 billion years ago. The theological implications are obvious.

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Emerging cosmology is consistent with religious belief and not with atheism.  That is a remarkable statement only because it is correct. I have always loved astronomy. While I was in high school, I was President of the Astronomy Club for three years, ground my telescope mirrors, and seriously considered going into astronomy as a career.  Religious belief seems to be consistent with emerging new cosmology. I was the kid who would go to the public library and check out the books on astronomy. I got to the point where I had read all the popular astronomy books written for the… Read More »

The Multiverse

The Andromeda Galaxy distance can be measured with Cepheid variables among other means. This is one of the few galaxies that is actually moving toward the Milky Way galaxy.

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The multiverse has been proposed as a means for getting around the statistical impossibility of forming the universe by chance. A statistical impossibility is frequently taken as being any event that has less than one chance in 10^200. This number is chosen as the maximum number of events that could transpire since the universe began. This is derived as the number of cubic Planck lengths in the observable universe (3.6E+132) times Planck times since the universe began (2.4E+62) calculated from terms given here. Since this number is easily exceeded by the chance of several finely tuned physics constants to be… Read More »

The Big Bang

The Big Bang is the creation event of the universe occurring 13.78 billion years ago. The theological implications are obvious.

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One of the greatest discoveries in the last century was the mechanism of the creation of the universe in the big bang. Cosmologists have established the most likely model for this creation was at a point in time about 13.8 billion years ago. At this point in time – just as explained in Scripture, the entire universe came into being. The Universe includes all matter, time, and exotic matter flared into existence at a moment in time. The obvious theological conclusions associated with this beginning have been resisted by secular scientists. There have been many alternative proposals put forth to… Read More »

Heavy Metals

Relativity predicts the beginning of time and space just as in Genesis. Relativity is confirmed with the discovery of gravity waves associated with union of two neutron stars producing heavy metals.

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The Earth is one of the most unusual planets in existence. It has a smattering of every natural element making not only life possible, but also the technology we know today. Some of the most unusual of these elements are heavy metals. These include some of the most important metals for our industry and economy including gold, silver, and platinum. Many of these heavy metals are radioactive such as uranium and thorium. Many of us have held silver coins (most of the coinage in the United States at this time does not contain any silver). We also may have gold… Read More »

Earth was Created

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The Earth was Created for Exploration The history of scientific exploration involves the interpretation of scientific data. Our knowledge of the Earth, the Sun, the solar system, our galaxy, and the universe itself depends on our ability to explore.  The Earth was created to be in the proper place to enable exploration of the cosmos. We need to be able to measure, compare, and calculate in order to understand the cosmos. Understanding the cosmos requires measurement and observation of what is out there. Without certain conditions on our planet our planetary environment, such observation would be impossible. Scientific exploration could… Read More »

Molecular Biology Confirms Intelligent Design

Molecular biology confirms intelligent design. Increasing complexity of life strongly suggests an intelligence.

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The increasing complexity of life discovered by molecular biology confirms intelligent design theory. Molecular biology came of age in the 1990s with the development of new investigation tools. These tools for the first time in human history allowed the investigation of the inner workings of cells.  Advances in molecular biology confirm intelligent design theories rather than natural origins. It has been the hope of research scientists and their funding agencies that these new tools will enable new advances. The informed treatment of cancer and other genetic diseases becomes possible. The past thirty years has seen an explosion of knowledge about… Read More »

Why Does God Permit Cancer

Why does God permit cancer which causes so much death, pain, and sorrow in our lives? These and other questions are answered in this post.

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So, why does God permit cancer? If God is so good, why is there so much disease, sickness, and pain in the world? If God is such a great designer, why is there so much cancer? And there is a lot of cancer in the world. About half of us will develop cancer at some point in our lives. That sobering statistic shows just how common cancer is today in our world. It affects us all whether in us personally, or whether in those we love. Cancer is so prevalent that it touches nearly every family on Earth. Cancer is… Read More »

Speed of Light

The speed of light is now known not to change over space or time.

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The speed of light is constant; it does not slow down over time, or even over great distances. The light from astronomical objects that are very far away does not slow down. The speed of light turns up in many equations of physics. Probably the most famous of these equations is Einstein’s famous E = MC2. This means matter and energy are inter-related through the speed of light constant. The ultimate speed in space is infinite – or so thought scientists for many years.  Until Einstein, physicists believed there was no limitation to the speed at which objects could travel… Read More »