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East Turkistan Persecution

East Turkestan is a region of China with mass concentration camps and prisons.

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East Turkistan Persecution East Turkistan persecution has been hidden by the Chinese government for decades.  However, with the presence of satellite imaging and stories from citizens living under this persecution, a consistent story is now emerging. One of China’s best-kept secrets is what has happened in the part of China previously known as East Turkistan.  Salih Hudayar is the Prime Minister of East Turkistan now lives in exile because undoubtedly he would be arrested if he tried to return to his country. This once independent country is now living under the dictatorial thumb of China and is largely hidden from… Read More »

Persecution After Death

Chinese persecution continues to ratchet up against Christians and other religious groups throughout China.

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Persecution After Death The Chinese government continues its aggressive anti-religious policy asserting its secular agenda against any religious sentiment even involving funerals.  This persecution has the effect of persecution after death as the government strictly enforces regulations against religious sentiment at funerals.  There are about 100 million Christians in China, along with large number of Muslims, Buddhists, and other religious minorities. The president and CEO of Open Doors USA David Curry, notes The government’s tightening on the Christian community in China — an estimated 97 million people — is real and happening right now.  Every once in a while, the… Read More »

Persecution in China

Chinese persecution against Christian and other religious groups continues to increase throughout the country.

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Open Doors CEO David Curry joined with pastors from China to issue a dire warning concerning Christian persecution in China. We have documented previously how China is actively working against the free expression of Christianity in China, viewing it as an existential threat to its existence. China has developed a countrywide system for tracking every citizen in their normal day-to-day activities. Every phone conversation, every meeting, every association; anything everybody does throughout the country is being monitored. These surveillance technologies certainly threaten the free expression of religion in China, but the threat is much more expansive than just China. Open… Read More »

Church Persecution in China

Chinese persecution against Christian and other religious groups continues to increase throughout the country.

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Chinese officials continue in their effort to control every aspect of life in that country. No longer is any dissent or contrary opinion tolerated, while church persecution in China continues to get worse. As part of that control, Chinese officials announce new standards requiring all religious personnel to support. These new regulations require total submission to the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese Church Control New administrative measures have been put into place by the Chinese government to control every aspect to church life. These new regulations will commence on February 1 and compliance is mandatory. These new measures conform to the… Read More »

Chinese Persecution

Chinese City

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Chinese Persecution The extent of Chinese persecution is difficult for most Americans to understand.  We here in the United States as well as in the Western World have had little experience with real religious persecution. Americans enjoy constitutionally protected freedom of religious expression, even if that expression is uncomfortable for government authorities or our increasingly politically correct social justice warriors. But the situation is vastly different in many places across the world. The expression of belief in Christ in a Muslim country such as Iran can have serious even fatal consequences. The most troubling developments in the persecution of Christians… Read More »